Our Inspiration

“The legacy of oppression weighs heavily on women. As long as they are looked down upon, human rights will lack substance.

As long as outmoded ways of thinking prevent women from making a meaningful contribution to society, progress will be slow.

As long as the nation refuses to acknowledge the equal role of more than half of itself, A nation is doomed to failure.”

Nelson Mandela (1996) at a Women’s Conference. South Africa

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What we do

 Africa AHEAD is the pioneer of the Community Health Club Model of development and are the lead specialists in this approach which provides a forum for all people in a village to solve challenges together in order  to fight ignorance, disease and poverty.

Our training provides an opportunity for women to become empowered and end their needless subjugation.

Our Pledge

In Africa AHEAD  we aim to bring 5 million people out of poverty in the next five years through Applied Health Education and Development.

Our  Vision

To build capacity of women, men and children through the development of ‘Common-unity’ of  knowledge, understanding and purpose  to create  a Culture of  Health and Hygiene, so that, as fully  functional Communities,  they are able to effectively control all preventable diseases and substantially alleviate poverty in their areas.

Our  Mission

To enable Government Ministries, Agencies, and NGOs to roll out Community Health Clubs in all developing countries  so as to alleviate poverty, discrimination, ignorance and disease through practice that is  Institutionalised  through government to ensure development is Sustainable and  Integrated,   resulting in self-reliant communities at Scale  (ISIS).

Our Aim

By 2020, to have made a significant contribution to improving the wellbeing and livelihoods of poor marginalised communities, particularly in Africa

Our Objectives

The objective of Africa AHEAD is to relieve sickness and poverty and promote good health by empowering communities in developing countries, particularly  but not exclusively, in Africa by:

(1) Disseminating, replicating, adapting and advocating for the scaling up of the ‘Community Health Club (CHC) Model’ to improve standards of living through community health and hygiene, social capital, self-reliance, poverty alleviation, knowledge and sustainable livelihoods;

(2) Developing capacity of local and international NGOs, Agencies and Government departments to use the ‘CHC Model’ to implement community projects directly where appropriate;

(3) Assisting in the foundation of, and providing on-going support to, local NGOs and other organisations to use the ‘CHC Model’ and establishing partnerships between them and appropriate local and international organisations with a similar vision;

(4) Seeking opportunities for local and international research into development issues related to community health and hygiene, social capital, self-reliance, poverty alleviation, knowledge and sustainable livelihoods.’

The AFRICA AHEAD  ‘5x 5 Challenge:

The reduction of  5 critical diseases

in  5 million people

in 5 countries

in 5 years

at less than US$ 5 per person.

Click for details of  Africa AHEAD's '5 x 5 Challenge:  our 5 Year Strategy
Click for details of Africa AHEAD’s   ’5 x 5 Challenge’:    our 5 Year Strategy


Specific Targets:

The five diseases are: Diarrhoea (cholera), Tropical Enteropathy (stunting), Malaria, Intestinal worms and Eye & skin diseases. Controlling these critical diseases will contribute substantially to improving child survival and reduce stunting and minimize early deaths and morbidity of under 5’s.

 Measurable Outcomes:

With a fixed target group within a defined number of CHCs, communities themselves actively monitor observable proxy indicators of non-risk hygiene behaviours that are proven to reduce the above targeted diseases using our standard monitoring tool, the CHC Household Inventory, collected using cell phone technology for data collation.

Achievable Numbers:

We are aiming to improve the health of  5 million people in 5 years.  This entails reaching an estimated 833,333 households in 5 years. Per year our target is  33,333 households (6 people per family)  in five countries. This is achievable but it needs committed funding at scale. For example in Zimbabwe alone in 2013, we reached 44,440 households exceeding this target  in one year.

Relevant  Objectives:

This objective is clearly in line with the MDG and post-MDG objectives and will reflect government priorities of the partner countries focusing on disease and poverty  reduction

Time Frame:

The target is to be achieved within   5 years: 2014 – 2018

Africa AHEAD Countries of Operation 2014-2018
Current Project Countries

Our first five countries are:

  • Zimbabwe 17% of target achieved in Zimbabwe 2013


  • Rwanda
  • Uganda
  • Liberia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo


Applied Health Education and Development.