In 2014 the first CHC was launched to combat the threat of Zika virus in the San Antonio communities. In 2016,  10 CHC were started in Brownville on the Mexican border facilitated by Promotores de Salud, through local NGOs. Pictured here Community Health Workers are being trained by local community mobilizer Joaquin Abrego, with the view that each will start their own CHC in future. In the  next three years the plan is to train 300 Community Health Workers to start CHC in and around San Antonio through Metropolitan Health Department and local partner NGOs. 


Period of operation: 2014 ongoing

Number of Community Health Clubs: 11

Number of CHC members: Approx 80

Number of Beneficiaries:  320

Main Partner: YWCA, Lupe & Lower Rio Grande Valley Area Health Education Centre.

Implementor: Center for Medical Humanities, UT


The concept of the Community Health Club was introduced into Texas through Dr. Jason Rosenfeld, who was an intern and then Project Manager for Africa AHEAD in South Africa and Zimbabwe, between  2008 and 2010. Upon returning to the States he visualised how CHC would be useful in the poorer areas of Texas, particularly with the Hispanic immigrants, who faced similar challenges as communities he had worked with in Africa. As Assistant Professor at the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, University of Texas Health Science Centre at San Antonio, he has set up four projects developing training material for Dominican Republic, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia in Brownville on the USA/Mexico border and in San Antonio. 

Rotary Convention in Houston, Texas

Africa AHEAD has in the past two years provided online training for three Rotary Funded projects in Africa. With Rotary membership being based on a ‘Club’ dynamic there is clearly

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