AFRICA AHEAD can offer the following expertise:


Project Design


  • Project design and feasibility for CHC Programmes
  • Development of new participatory training material
  • Design of Training and writing of  manuals




  • Start up and running of  Community Health Clubs
  • Start up and running of School Health Clubs
  • Start up and running of  FAN clubs (Food, Agriculture, Nutrition)
  • Construction of upgraded family well and borehole rehabilitation
  • Construction of  sanitation facilities  for community and schools


Capacity Building

  • Training  in CHC Model for other NGOs in Zimbabwe and Rwanda
  • Training for government / NGOs on site  in own country
  • Look & Learn Tours to visit programmes in Rwanda /Zimbabwe
  • Introductory seminars
  • Planning Workshops (3 days)
  • Practical Training of Trainers workshops (6 day )
  • Training in data collection and online monitoring


Monitoring CHCs

  • Design and implementation of monitoring of CHC projects
  • Self monitoring of CHC projects through online  CHC registration
  • monitoring using our household inventory with  standardized indicators in line with SPHERE Standards:

Evaluation of WASH

  • Assessment of efficacy of hygiene promotion for behaviour change
  • Quantitative, qualitative and participatory  analysis
  • Evaluation of Water and Self Supply projects