In 2019, Africa A.H.E.A.D, which was a registered UK Charity 2013-2019, decided to move back to our roots in Zimbabwe and base our headquarters in Harare, where the organisation, then known as Zimbabwe AHEAD was first started in 1999.

Africa A.H.E.A.D was split into two discreet entities which are sister organisaations and are both autonomous but share the same vision to use the Community Health Club Methodology for sustainable development.

  1. Africa AHEAD Zimbabwe  is an implementing Not for Profit Indigenous Organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe headed by Executive Director, Mr Regis Matimati;
  2. Africa AHEAD Association  is  a Not for Profit Consultancy  based in Cape Town, South Africa, headed up by two Directors, Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn and Mr. Anthony Waterkeyn, the co-founders of both organisations, which supports Africa AHEAD in Zimbabwe with training and research.