Period of operation: 2005 – ongoing 

Training Workshops  (2020): 4 Modules 

Number Trained (2020): 68

Participant’s countries:  Kenya, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan

Main Donor: Vitol Foundation, Rotary.

Partners trained: 

  • Global Health Connection (USA)
  • Malawi Water Project (Canada)
  • Samaritan Purse (USA)
  • CAWST (Canada)
  • SARAAR (Mexico)  


Africa AHEAD Association is a consultancy group based in Cape Town headed by the Founders of the organisation who continue to actively promote the CHC approach through training, research, monitoring  & evaluation  to support other organisations & agencies.


We provide online Zoom training in the following Modules

1. Introduction to the CHC Approach

2. Planning a CHC Project

3. Monitoring a CHC Project

4. Facilitating a CHC in the field

5. Mainstreaming Gender into a CHC

Director of Advocacy & Evaluation:

Anthony Waterkeyn (founder)

Director of Research & Training

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn (Founder)

Regional Representative: 

Dr. Monique Oliff

Monitoring Manager: 

Julia Pantoglou

Adult Education / Gender Specialist:

Dr. Tamsin Waterkeyn

Associated Trainers

Regis Matimati

Zachary Bigirimana

Joseph Katabarwa

Justin Otai

Marcie Mbirire

Registered as a Not for Profit Organisation 

in South Africa since 2005. 2005/040379/D8

Address: 95 Dorries Drive, Simon’s town, 

Cape Town, South Africa 7975.

 Tel: (27) 021 2761849


 We provide the following services for Community Health Club projects

  • Feasibility Study 
  • Proposal writing
  • Development of training manual
  • Development of key  messages
  • Ethnographic Illustration 
  • Training of Management 
  • Training of CHC facilitators in participatory activities
  • Our own Cell phone Monitoring App.
  • Registration of CHC online
  • Mentoring during pilot project
  • Evaluation  of impact of training