2022 Flier for CHC Training2

For a summary of Africa AHEAD please download our flier about the organisation and what we can do for you. 


Africa AHEAD provides assistance to any NGO or Government programme wanting to use the Community Health Club Approach for sustainable, integrated development.  Our experienced team of CHC trainers based in South, West and East Africa, can  design a programme and provide training  that will in achieve hygiene behaviour change within one year of start up.

Our services include:

  • Project feasibility and design to ensure achievable targets
  • Development of appropriate training materials by adaption of existing visual aids or development of  culture specific material using tried and tested ethnographic techniques perfected by Africa AHEAD.
  • Development of base line survey for formative research using latest cell phone technologies to collect data.
  • Training of trainers, using your own staff or Ministry of Health staff to enable community based facilitation
  • Monitoring systems for continual tracking of hygiene    behaviour change online at www.chcahead.org
  • External Evaluation of your programme with academic assessment linked to leading universities