School Health Clubs for Menstrual Hygiene

2nd – 6th June 2014 : School Health Masters Training

ZimAHEAD trained 20 teachers and 13 EHTs with support from SNV in Masvingo District supplying our newly  developed Menstrual Hygiene Management tool kit which made it possible for participants to engage in communication around sensitive hygiene issues. The training was also attended by district officials from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development (MoWAGCD), the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the Ministry of Youth.

A  School Health Club was formed at each of the 20 schools within a month after the training. SNV and the MoWAGCD trained community members on local production of reusable menstrual sanitary pads and there is a close collaboration between the community and the women’s groups that has resulted in the entire School Health Clubs making and using reusable sanitary pads. The boys are making the pads for their sisters and some pads have been donated to local clinics with some being sold in local shops.

ZimAHEAD was contracted to procure toilet construction materials  for  the NIHR (National Institute of Health research) which is piloting  Girl Friendly latrines (5 squat holes each) at the first batch of schools. The twenty toilets have all been completed with on-going monitoring from NIHR.

19th Sept – 03 Oct 2014: scale up of the pilot project

Zim AHEAD trained 100 more School Health Masters in Masvingo District supported by SNV.