Apiculture at Schools in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe

6th  Oct – 7th  November, 2014

Zim AHEAD staff conducted a training on Apiculture for 250 Community Based Facilitators and 4 School Health Masters and 3 School Development Committee members drawn from 5 wards trained in Gokwe North for ADRA Japan.

In fact the same group of Community Based Facilitators had already been trained  in 2011 by Zim AHEAD  in their WASH project so when ADRA approached Zim AHEAD for a refresher training  we suggested an add on for the communities. This is consistent with our long term process of development which provided on going training for community not only in health and hygiene but in income generation.

The training included 5 public health topics (one per day) in addition to  the apiculture sessions. District and ward officials from Environmental Health Department of MoHCC, MoWAGCD and Agritex attended the trainings forming district and local level support systems for the Apiculture projects.

Canaan Makusha, one of Zim AHEADs most effective trainers  was the lead trainer in  support these training.

We also  translated the CHC Training Manual into Shona for this project.