Zimbabwe Idai Recovery Project rebuilds latrines

EHO (Mr Magwede) and EHT (Mr Madzana) facilitating theory session.

A total of 15 builders were selected to be trained across the 5 ZIRP    operational wards in Gutu so as to facilitate proper construction of both households and school latrines.  These depict first phase of training done for ward 15 and 36 in which 6 builders were trained with support from the District Environmental Health Officers while the ward EHTs led  the training of the builders  Builders  were equipped with building tools to enable the smooth latrine construction, see pic. 2.  Africa AHEAD values the stakeholder participation in the  implementation of the ZIRP in Gutu district as this ensure acceptance of the project  and willingness for smooth project implementation

The area councillor and the community in ward 15, Mudete village joined hands to help an elderly vulnerable lady, aged 81 years, (Mbuya Tiyemure ) a beneficiary under the household supported latrines. Mbuya Tiyemure is a widow who stays by herself who narrated a sad story of her children who were dead and that she had no one to stay with. Her latrine and her two roomed house were  destroyed by the cyclone ldai leaving her with one hut which is used as bedroom and kitchen. The community provided bricks, river sand, pit sand and also dug the pit for the latrine construction. They also provide labour throughout the construction process. The trainee builders did practical sessions at Mbuya Tiyemure’s latrine  By end of the week Tiyemure will be enjoying the use of a properly constructed latrine.

The ZIRP  is targeting 100 vulnerable households  of Tiyemure is one of the vulnerable household. Left, the  remains of the toilet after the devastating cyclone Idai, which left the vulnerable widow without a decent home. Right, the trainee builders working on super structure.

Above shows Mbuya Tiyemure posing in front of her toilet which is almost complete. She could not hide her excitement that soon  she will have  the toilet once again.