CHC Raise funds to construct latrines in Gutu

As the Zimbabwe Idai Response   project (ZIRP)is progressing well in Ward 13, Gutu, with a lot of changes now starting to be visible in the community, through the formation of Community Health Clubs and the training of the SAG (Savings and Income Generation) groups in the villages. One of these changes are being noted in a small village called Tirivanhu, with  a total population of 42 households with 208 people (62 females, 55 males, 57 girls and 34 boys).  Through the formation of Community Health Clubs and the Training of SAG groups change is being noted in the sanitation side of village.

The ZIRP project commenced with the village having a sanitation coverage of 52 % (22 functioning latrines). Two community health clubs (Pepukai A and Pepukai B) with the support from SAG group in the village have managed to improve the sanitation coverage in village with 15 self supplied  latrines being recorded as completed, giving a total of 88% sanitation coverage in the village which is a huge success. Some of the households that still don’t have toilets are promising to start the construction of their Household Latrines with motivation coming from their neighbours and the health clubs. The Chinoona family in Manyemba village is one good example where by the engaged in a poultry project to fundraise for the construction of their latrine and pot racks.