Tablespoon and team are flying with CHCs in Malawi

Project Manager Tablespoon Chirambo has shown how it is possible to be trained online and transfer the training into reality on the ground. Each week, the team meets at his office and connects and are able to work through the participatory activity guided by Africa AHEAD Training Director, Juliet Waterkeyn. They have all been issued with the full set of training materials for each session. After listening to the assignment in English, Tablespoon takes over and facilitates the session in the local language. Once the participants have been through the topic, they feed back online to Dr. Waterkeyn. The method is entirely do-able despite frequent interruptions due to poor connectivity. The 11 facilitators have all started their own CHC,  and have completed 16 out of 25 sessions with their communities. At a feed back session they reported exactly how many members they had registered, how many were attending sessions, and how many were transforming their hygiene practices. The rate of uptake is comparable with other projects in other countries. By October the training should be completed in all CHCs and graduation ceremonies will take place to honour those with full attendance of 25 sessions.