Rotary Convention in Houston, Texas

Africa AHEAD has in the past two years provided online training for three Rotary Funded projects in Africa. With Rotary membership being based on a ‘Club’ dynamic there is clearly an obvious link with Africa AHEAD’s work through Community Health Clubs. It was therefore a great pleasure to be invited to speak to the  WaSH-RAG-group of Rotary at their annual convention, which took place in Houston, Texas on 3rd June, 2022

Anthony and Juliet Waterkeyn spent a week in the States, firstly visiting San Antonio, where an ex Africa AHEAD colleague, Jason Rosenfeld, has been working through the University to start CHC within the Latino community, then for a few days with Rotarians, where we gave a presentation on our approach. We were invited by the organizers, through Steward Martin (seen above) who is a keen supporter of our approach. Rotary projects tend to be small scale there is great potential for a partnership with Rotary to enable the CHC approach to compliment the many WASH initiatives that take place all over the world. There was some interest from practitioners in Haiti and South Sudan to see where there can be collaboration.