Rujeko FAN club inspires other NGOs

Extract form PAINT Newsletter September-October  2020

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The Food and Nutrition Club in Chipinge has inspired an organisation for the arts known as PAINT to emulate their example of  sef sufficiency.

“We were humbled to see women of various ages participating in key activities like health clubs, livestock rearing, gardening initiatives and savings clubs,” added Mahlanganiso. Giving an overview of the nutrition projects, treasurer for Rujeko FAN club treasurer, Mrs Enety Gwiza of Tsododo village revealed that their livelihood has improved since the inception of the FAN clubs.

“Tsododo village has 74 members (70 women and 4 men) who are actively involved in food and nutrition projects. These members graduated from health clubs which seek to maintain a health community,” said Gwiza. The FAN club treasurer indicated that establishment of the projects was done using readily available resources.

“We recycled wire and dead wood to construct garden fences. Africa AHEAD supported us with start-up seed. When the gardens flourished, we agreed that a member is allocated at least one bundle of each vegetable type per week. All other produce is sold and the money is saved,” said Gwiza. “We thank local leadership for availing land for the nutrition gardens. Most of the garden produce is sold and FAN members save their finances from garden sales and share dividends after six months  we do savings from the sales. Members share dividends after six months.

“We are not using irrigation by now but acquire water from streams and natural water springs. Our hope is to get irrigation equipment so that we can expand the projects,” added Gwiza. Village head Jonathan Tsododo confirmed that members of the FAN clubs are faring well as far as income generation is concerned. This has improved members’ livelihoods,” he said.

On the advice of Canaan Mukusha, PAINT artists shall introduce the Africa AHEAD’s FAN model into their homes  in Chipinge.