Going for ZOD in Gutu

Leeroy Maliseni reports from Gutu District, Zimbabwe.

Sanitation is critical for control of disease and in a time of Covid this is an important part of home hygiene. Unlike most of the rest of AFrica latrines have always been properly lined to prevent collapse.  Bricks are moulded locally and the pit lined all the way down, to support a concrete slap with a squat hole. All latrines have a ventilation pipe to draw off smell and to trap flies. In the drive against open defecation a transect walk is  across the village done to identify if there are members of the community   indulging in open defecation. In Africa AHEAD we aim for ZOD Zero Open Defecation which isachieved in all CHC villages. See Video above.

Gutu Ward 15 lady councillor Munosunama (See below woman in white blouse) is actively supporting builders training.
Bricks locally made for ring beam to support the slab

In Ward 13 and 15  a group of builders have been trained to constrict Blair Ventilated and Improved Pit Latrine (BVIP) originally conceived by Dr. Peter Morgan from Blair Research in Harare.

Some of the builders trained to build VIP Latrines with tools