Pilot CHC in Namibia

The Institute of Socio-ecological research (ISOE), in Frankfurt Germany is currently implementing a small research programme using ecological sanitation in the barren northern region of Namibia. Africa AHEAD is partnering to provide the community mobilisation and enable a demand responsive approach to develop in order to ensure that the facilities that are to be provided in the informal settlements in Outapi town will be properly used. A preliminary feasibility tour has been conducted by the Director of Africa AHEAD and there is clearly scope for the CHC approach to be introduced to this area, providing a much needed case study for Namibia in general. The plan is conduct a base line survey in the next few months before starting the CHcs up in early 2012, using the existing training materials prepared by Africa AHEAD as many of the health issues are the same as in other informal settlements of Southern Africa. Currently a stakeholders workshop (November, 2011) is being done to disseminate the information on the CHC model in order to have all partners in the picture. This one year programme shuld be able to provide some insight by the end of 2012 as to the viability of CHCs in Namibia.