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All Courses

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We provide online training, downloadable training materials and scheduled live training sessions with our students. 

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  • If you or your staff are new to the Community Health Club Approach please start with the Introductory Module 1, so you understand the rationale for subsequent Modules. 
  • If you already know about CHCs, or have already worked in a CHC project and now want to plan another CHC programme or write a proposal, take Module 2.
  • If you want to research your project and need a ready-made base line survey tool for a monitoring component, then sign up your enumerators for Module 3.
  • If you have funding for your CHC and have a selected village, enroll your CHC facilitators to be trained in Module 4 so they know practically how to run a CHC and provide 25 sessions to the community using participatory activities to achieve  hygiene behaviour change.