Launching Virtual Training for the CHC Model

Africa AHEAD Association conducted the  first online training using Zoom,  for the replication and scaling up of the Community Health Club Model into 8 new countries through training and mentoring of partners requesting to start CHC projects.

Training consisted of three Modules with AAA certification for those completing all three modules.

  • Module 1: 2nd October – 13th October 2020:  How to Ensure Common Unity in your Community (4 sessions)
  • Module 2: 10th November – 11th December 2020:  How to Prepare for a Community Health Club Programme (10 sessions)
  • Module 3:  5th January – 12th March 2021: How to Facilitate a Community Health Club (24 sessions)

Dr Juliet Waterkeyn and Anthony Waterkeyn  who are hosting the Seminar from Cape Town, South Africa welcome the following international organisations: Global Health Connections (based in USA with a project in Kenya), the Malawi Water Project (based in Canada working in Malawi), CAWST (based in Canada with a project in India), OPAD (based in Sweden with projects in Zambia, Somaliland and Ethiopia) and Health Poverty Action operating in Kenya, as well as  SARAR (operating in Mexico), Eau e Jeunesse, a local Community Based Organisation who have replicated CHCs in Haiti.

To share their experience we have from Africa AHEAD in Zimbabwe, Executive Director Regis Matimati, Andrew Muranganiza  with over 30 years of field experience of CHCs, whilst  we are please that many Associates of Africa AHEAD will be contributing their own understanding of the CHC Model –  Dr. Brian Matthew and Dr, Aaron Tanner (UK), Dr. Jason Rosenfeld (USA), Dr. Monique Oliff (Kenya) with retired Dean of Community Development at  University of Rwanda, Zachary Bigimana, retired Head of Environmental Health Department Joseph Katabarwa from Ministry of Health in Rwanda, Justin Otai, also retired Head of Environmental Health Department from Uganda, as well as Julia Pantoglou (Austria) and Zara Prew (both interns who have worked with Africa AHEAD).

Distinguished participants include a representative from Rotary in the USA, Prof Blair Gifford from University of Denver, and  well known WASH expert Ron Sawyer, who was instrumental in the PHAST initiative in  early 1990’s.