Days of Happiness in times of stress

Borehole rehabilitation during Village Pump Mechanics training at Firoumwe water point (ward 10) in  Gutu District in Zimbabwe is one of 36 boreholes being  repaired in the programme to build resilience in communities affected by Cylone Idai.

This has been described as an “AA life changer” by  Firoumwe community members who are now able to access safe drinking water from a protected water source after using ‘mufuku’ (water hole)  as a water source for the past 31 years. When this borehole was drilled way back in 1989 it was not fitted with a handpump and therefore the community could not  access safe drinking water beneath their feet.

Community members were so happy today to be able to do this for the first time and wish to   express their thanks to World Bank, UNICEF and Africa AHEAD for this project . They said they will remember 21st October, 2020, as the Day of their Happiness. Such days are hard to come by in a country reeling from 20 years of economic hardship, political turmoil, cyclones and now the effects of Covid 19.

Gladys Chibharo,

(Project Officer, Africa AHEAD. Gutu.)