Africa AHEAD has presented at the following venues in 2015.


27th – 28th May, 2015 : Women in Water Conference

Amabhubesi Conference Centre, Randburg, Johannesburg:

Invited Speaker: Dr J. Waterkeyn 
‘Empowerment of Women through Water Management in Community Health Clubs, South Africa’


7th – 9th October:

Public Health Association of South Africa Conference

Elangeni Hotel, Durban.

 30th October, 2015:

Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy, Water Institute

Water Institute, University of North Carolina:

Side Event by Africa AHEAD

Urban Sanitation: Sustainability through Civic Organisation

Chairman: Darren Saywell (Plan International)
& Jan Willem Rosenboom (Gates Foundation)

Download Programme: SDG in CHC pamphlet


Waterkeyn J. (2015) A Practical Model to meet eight of the Sustainable Development Goals through Community Health Clubs

Rosenfeld. J (2015) Community Health Clubs in Haiti

Tobergte.L. & Muringaniza.A. (2015) Sustainability of Community Health Clubs

 Katabarwa, J.  &  Pantoglou, J. (2015) Monitoring Behaviour Change in Rwanda.

Matimati, R  & Waterkeyn,J. (2015) Civic organization  in 6 Towns in Zimbabwe.