Conference Papers

Africa AHEAD has presented at the following Conferences 

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1999: Water Engineering & Development Centre: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  1. Waterkeyn, J.  Structured Participation in Community Health Clubs. 

  2. Mathew.B. & Mukuwe.R. Health Clubs- Hygiene Education in Bikita IRWSSP

2000: Water Engineering & Development Centre: Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Waterkeyn J & A.  Demand Led Sanitation in Zimbabwe. 

2003: Social Capital Conference: Rhodes, Greece.

Waterkeyn J. The Need for Knowledge: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applied to rural communities in Africa. 

2003:  29th Water Engineering & Development Centre Conference: Abuja, Nigeria.

Waterkeyn, J. Cost Effective Health Promotion: Community Health Clubs. 

2004: Water Sanitation Programme- East Africa:

Waterkeyn J & A.  Taking PHAST the Extra Mile Through Community Health Clubs.

2005: 31st  Water Engineering & Development Centre Conference: Kampala. Uganda.

  1. Okot, P et al. 2005. WEDC Uganda IDP Gulu and Pader

  2.  Waterkeyn,J. Decreasing Communicable Diseases through Improved Hygiene in Community Health Clubs. 

  3. Waterkeyn, A. Hygiene & Sanitation Strategies in Uganda: How to achieve sustainable behaviour change? 

2008: World  Water Week, Stockholm:

Waterkeyn, A.   CHC Case Studies from Zimbabwe and Uganda. 

2009: Water Engineering & Development Centre 

Rosenfeld J & Waterkeyn J.   Using Cell Phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through Community Health Clubs in South Africa.    

2010: International Water Association:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Rosenfeld, J.   Incremental Improvements to Community Water Supply Systems through Community Health Clubs in the Umzimkhulu Local Municipality.  

2010:  International Water Association: Mexico city.

Waterkeyn, J,   Matimati.R and Muringaniza.A.  ZOD for all – Scaling up the Community Health Club Model to meet the MDGs for Sanitation in Rural and Urban areas : Case Studies from Zimbabwe and Uganda.                  

2010 Water Institute of South Africa, Durban. South Africa. 

Maksimsovski, N & Waterkeyn, A. The Community Health Club Approach in Informal Settlements: Case study from eThekwini municipality, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

2011: Blue Planet Conference – Boseman, USA

Waterkeyn J & A.  School Health Clubs in Zimbabwe

2011 University of North Carolina – Water Institute

Waterkeyn J & Nga.N.  Low cost-high Impact: Hygiene Behaviour Change in Vietnam in Community Health Clubs2011. 

2011 UNC Side Event: Programme

Waterkeyn, J.  WaSH in the Community Health Clubs

2012: University of North Carolina – Water Institute

Waterkeyn, J.  Best Practice in Hygiene Promotion Programme:  an evaluation template for assessing cost-effectiveness

2012 UNC  Africa  AHEAD Side Event: Programme

  1. Waterkeyn.J.    The Mechanics of Hygiene Behaviour Change

  2. Matimati, R.     Classic CHC:  The Zimbabwe Experience

  3. Waterkeyn. A.  The Dissemination and Scale up of  CHCs

  4. Clasen.T.           Evaluation of CBEHPP in Rwanda

  5. Rosenfeld. J.    CHCs in the  Dominican Republic

  6. Saywel.D.          CLTS and CHC  – Complementary or contradictory? 

  7. Waterkeyn.J.  CHC and CLTS: How can they be integrated? 

  8. Waterkeyn, J.  Best Practice in Health Promotion: comparing CHC & CLTS

2013: University of North Carolina – Water Institute

2013 UNC Africa AHEAD Side Event: Programme

  1.  Waterkeyn. J. Integration, Sustainability, Institutionalisation & Scale

  2. Rosenfeld.J.      One year of Community Health Clubs on Hispaniola

  3. Waterkeyn.A.    CHCs sparking self supply  in Zimbabwe

  4. Habyarimana.J. Rwanda:  Randomised Control Trial of CHCs

  5.  Waterkeyn. A.   Four Evaluations of CLTS in Africa

2014 World Water Week, Stockholm 

Africa AHEAD/Stockholm Environment Institute Side Event

Video presentations:   

  1. Waterkeyn.J.    I am not nothing now: how Community Health Clubs empower women 

  2. Rosemarin.A. for Ngabo.F. Hygiene Behaviour Change through CBEHPP in Rwanda

  3.  Ekane.N.  Community-based Sanitation Programs in Rwanda

  4.  Wolf.D.  Mobilising Community for Improving Water, Energy and Sanitation in Uganda

  5. Nash.L. Sharing the power of Community Health Clubs

  6. Waterkeyn.A.Vision 5 x 5: Scaling up Community Health Clubs

  7.  Rosemarin.A.  Discussion and Summary

2015 University of North Carolina – Water Institute

Africa AHEAD Side Event

1. Waterkeyn. J.  A Practical Model to achieve 8 x Sustainable Development Goals

2. Rosenfeld. J. Community Health Clubs In Haiti