Module 1.Introduction to CHC

Module 1.Date 2022Time GMT+2Topic TitlePresenter
Session 1.TBA Sign inIce breakerDr. Juliet Waterkeyn
  2.00.Welcome and IntroductionDr. Juliet Waterkeyn
  2.10.Powerpoint presentation‘How to create Common Unity in Community’Regis Matimati
  2.45Video ‘CHC in Zimbabwe’
  3.20Questions and DiscussionRegis Matimati, Director, Africa AHEAD
  4.00End of Session 
Session 2.TBA1.30.pmSign inRecap Warm upJuliet Waterkeyn
  2.00RecapParticipant response
  2.15Powerpoint Presentation‘What makes People Change?’Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn
  2.45Video ‘CHC in Rwanda’
  3.00Discussion‘Scaling up in Rwanda’Jospeh Katabarwa, retired Head Environmental Heath Dept, Rwanda 
  3.30Questions and DiscussionParticipant Response
  4.00End of Session 
Session 3TBA1.30 pmSign inRecap & Warm upJulia PantoglouAA Associate
  2.00Powerpoint Presentation‘Sustainable Development Goals through CHC.’Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn
  2.45Video: the 5×5 Challenge
  3.00Questions and DiscussionRegis Matimati
  3.30End of SessionParticipant response
Session 4TBA1.30 pmSign inRecap Regis Matimati
  2.00Powerpoint Presentation‘Membership and Monitoring.’Julia Pantoglou, Monitoring Assistant, Africa AHEAD
  2.45Video of monitoring WebsiteMweb
  3.00Questions and DiscussionJulia Pantoglou
  3.30Thanks & ClosureDr. Juliet Waterkeyn

Course Content

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