Africa AHEAD support to Bulawayo City

Africa  AHEAD now has 3 projects  running at the same time in Bulawayo Metropolitan to assist government deal with the Covid 19 emergency.
With a city council that is proactive and which has given Africa AHEAD a coordinating role for other NGO activities in Bulawayo,  we are able to maximize our support for the city. We are currently  engaged by Unicef to head  the  programme to support Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Plumtree and Chipinge with  a public health campaign with messaging using  loud hailers, operation of 100 handwashing stations, and rehabilitation of water facilities at 10 Health Centers.


We have now landed another project  with ACF funded by  SIDA  for Bulawayo for the next 6 months which is starting right away and we are busy with staff recruitments.