Councillor from Chiredzi makes masks for the CHC


In Zimbabwe, Councillors are elected by the village to represent them at the Rural District Council. In Chiredzi (Ward 2) our WASH Officer Dzingarai came across an exceptionally motivated Councillor, Mr Ngwenya, who had the idea to make masks for all the Westhood Community Health Club Members. When asked about this initiative he had this to say:

‘As a leader you have to take initiatives to protect the people. Remember Community Health Clubs are volunary hence you need to keep motivating the members, and also make sure that they are safe as they do their activities. Since they all come from different backgrounds I didnt want some to feel interior.’

So, not only did he make the masks but also branded the CHC, to give added visibility to their efforts to make their area a safer place for everyone.  We need more such leadership to beat this virus.

Temba Kupfembudu is aged 50 years and he is a non-recording musician. Temba and his wife are visually impaired. They are a family of 6; 4 dependents and 2 non dependents (2 with disabilities and 4 without disability).


“The house we stay in is ours and the water is piped. The donation of a bucket has assisted us in improving our hygiene system hence reducing the spread of diseases. Before COVID 19 restrictions, we were earning a leaving through performing shows in bars and restaurants and buying and selling which I do with my husband who is also visually impaired.

Since we cannot work, it has been very difficult to buy things such as soap. Now that we are all at home, it was difficult to store enough water for the family and the bottle will definitely go a long way in assisting in water storage. I am especially grateful for the donations.”

Hedwick Mudhefi: Mutubuki water point Ward 36, Gutu

As a chairperson of Mutumbiki water point in ward 36 Gutu district, I have been fully empowered in management of the water point affairs. These include good hygiene practices, ensuring continuous availability of safe water, raising funds and record keeping for all boreholes activities, depth of borehole, pipes in the borehole, date of establishment, when last repaired……… The other important aspect learnt in the training is that of co-existing with nature avoiding environmental degradation during the project span and after. Looking forward to having our borehole rehabilitated  and keeping it in working condition together with water point users.”

Masevha Remekedza, Paraplegic, age 36 years, unemployed.

Picture by Masevha Remekedza, 9 July 2020

“A bucket with a tap makes it easier for me as I am confined to a wheel chair. The donation of a bucket, Jerry-can, soap, and aqua tablets will help me with clean water. When most of these buckets are coming in the community, names are taken down but we fail to get the allocation because we cannot get to the distribution centers due to our disabilities. Mobility is a challenge for us.  As long as we are not there, no one cares to bring them to us.

I applaud the manner in which Africa AHEAD conducted the distribution, this included decentralizing the distribution and ensuring that we received the donations, especially during this difficult time. Thank you very much.

I was into buying and selling before Covid19 restrictions. I am the breadwinner with 4 dependents. We own the house we stay in and the source of water is piped, though the water supply is erratic.”

Water point Chairman in Gutu

Its my responsibility to ensure  that myself and Chimombe community in ward 36,  get water throughout through community participation involvement in coming up with a lawful binding constitution singed by all borehole users, the village head, councillor, Chief and Gutu RDC. We will conduct feedback to the community with regards to proper running of boreholes and come up with plans on how to ensure everyone is involved and – sure social distance is maintained when collecting water to reduce spread of Covid-19.” Zvenyika water point