Africa AHEAD assists School Partnership in Kibera, Nairobi.

Africa AHEAD included two representatives from Kenya, one from Peepoople and one from FAFU, and one LEAD representative from Uganda  in  the Rwanda training, to assist in the creation of a comprehensive  curriculum to fit the needs of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.  Then, the leaders at LEAP trained various individuals from the FAFU School and Peepoople on leadership training.

In June 2014, young members of the LEAP community  travelled to Kibera to train school teachers and representatives from Peepoople on First Aid. At each of these sessions, each partner declared the importance of “paying forward” the information that they were being taught – meaning that once the teachers in Kibera learn the Africa AHEAD model, or first aid, or leadership training, they promise to pass their training onto others. This way, the final curriculum will reach the pilot schools with all deliberate speed so that the children of Kibera can begin their education on these important health issues.

Our final goal is to create a curriculum containing the Africa AHEAD CHC curriculum, leadership development, and first aid in hopes that this curriculum be piloted in various schools across the Kibera Slum and then be able to be easy replicated in other communities with similar needs. In order to pilot the curriculum in the schools across the slum, each partner decided upon the importance of “training the trainers”, or training those leaders within the slum that will make sure that each aspect of curriculum be implemented into the final product.To ensure continuity in the final curriculum, LEAP used the model of Africa AHEAD’s art cards to model the first aid cards.  As we move forward, our hope is that after the teachers in the Kibera slum and Peepoople officials make the final preparations, the program can be launched into the pilot schools in the fall. Many children in Kibera and their families lack the basic education they need on issues such as sanitation, disease prevention, and first aid. Our partnership will give them this education, along with the leadership tools they need and the resources from Peepoople to bring this education back home to their families. It is out hope that educating the children will make a measurable impact on the behavior and safety of the entire Kiberan community.