2016 Water and Health Conference CHC Side Event

At the Annual Water and Health Conference at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, (October, 2016) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted a side event to discuss the findings of the Randomised Control Trial that has been now completed in Rwanda. The intervention took place in Rusizi District from 2012- 2016 with the objective of provided evidence based research for  the cost effectiveness of Community Health Clubs in National Programmes in Africa such as the Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme in Rwanda.

The Programme for the day was as follows:

Link to full presentation  Title of Presentation  Presenter & Organisation
Introduction and Objectives for Session Radu Ban, Project Officer, Gates Foundation
2016-10-chc-in-conext_aw Development  and  Institutionalization of the CHC Model Internationally Anthony Waterkeyn, Director of Programmes, Africa AHEAD
cbehpp_evaluation-results_side-event_ipa Rusizi Evaluation methodology overview & Health Impacts of CHC in Rusizi. Sheila Sinharoy, IPA Researcher
2016-10-chc-evaluation-introduction_jh A Prospective Evaluation of Community Hygiene Clubs in Rwanda James Habiyamana, IPA
2016-unc-waterkeyn-j An Analysis of the Process of the CHC Intervention in Rusizi District Juliet Waterkeyn, CEO, Africa AHEAD
2016-10-monitoring-chcs-through-household-inventory_jp ‘CHC AHEAD  Community Monitoring System for Community Health Club interventions’ Julia Pantoglou, Research Assistant, Africa AHEAD
You Tube Video link Video on Monitoring Website Tristan Waterkeyn, Overtone