Uganda, Apac District

Africa AHEAD agreed to assist the International Lifeline Fund (ILF) to introduce the CHC approach into their existing programme which was to provide safe drinking water to 200 villages through drilling of boreholes.  WE engaged two Africa AHEAD Staff who were seconded to ILF and provided the training and supervision to set up 70 CHCs. This was completed within a year and the programme was showing signs of success, judging from the strong response from the community.  Although the base line was completed, there is no post intervention data available as yet, and therefore we are unable to provide any evidence of hygiene behaviour change as yet.

  • Country: Uganda
  • Period: 2013-2014
  • Donor: Water for All
  • Partner: International Lifeline Fund
  • Province:
  • District: Apac
  • 5 Wards:
  • Number of Villages: 70
  • Number of households: 4,270
  • Number of CHCs: 70
  • Number of Members: 4,270
  • Number of EHTs: 1
  • Number of CHC facilitators: 70
  • Number of beneficiaries: 25,620
  • Cost of Project: US$ 60,000
  • Cost per beneficiary: US$2.30

Phase 1: Africa AHEAD was able to start this project with minimal overhead costs and was able to demonstrate the CHC approach to the partner, ILF. Using the training manual and visual aids developed in Rwanda it was a very quick and cost effective start up. Within three months the training had been done and the community based facilitators returned to their villages to start their CHCs.

The community response has been very favourable and we are meeting the targets set in most villages for membership. In total sfter six months there were 2,137 Community Health Club members in 35 CHCs, making an average of 61 members per CHC (August, 2014).  We had calculated 60 members per health club , which with an average family size of 6 er household, makes an estimated  18,000 beneficiaries in total in the first phase of the project.

In the next phase another 40 CHC facilitators were trained and the project expanded in the same way. Unfortunately the funding ceased for the scale up and we have had to withdraw from the project. However the capacity of our partner ILF has been built and we are confident that they will continue to use the same methodology as they reach out to the remaining villages where they will be drilling boreholes. The Director and Founder, Dan Wolf, of ILF was amazed at the community response and his reactions can be seen in the video of a presentation he made at World Water Week in 2014.