What is a Community Health Club?

All our support is provided  with and through  a community health club.

Definition of a Community Health  Club:

A group of people who are responsible for improving public health
standards and living conditions in the village.

This  is a voluntary, non discriminatory club to which everyone can belong: men, women and
children, old, middle-aged or young, rich or poor, educated or not.

It is a free non-political and non-religious forum for improving living conditions and family health
through hygiene behavior change with a view to controlling all preventable diseases without relying on external support.

All the households in every village should have at least one person as a CHC Member.

CHCs should be as large as possible within a convenient catchment area (1-2 kms)
If the CHC gets more members than 100 members, the club can  split into two clubs.

Members meets once a week for a few hours to learn about health and hygiene with an view to
monitoring all public health issues of the community.

Members are bound together by recognition of standards of hygiene and rights of men, women
and children to a healthy, productive and dignified life.

The Community Health Worker should be the facilitator for the CHC, but not the chairperson who
should be an elected volunteer.

The CHC is the responsibility of the village, but backed by the Ministry of Health (Environmental
Health Department)