Africa AHEAD meeting the Sustainable Development Goals


Applied Health Education and Development (AHEAD) is our tried and tested methodology for enabling communities to meet many of the SDGs through their own efforts in a sustainable and integrated programme.


It is not enough to address one or other of these basic needs, if we are to ensure poverty is a thing of the past. An holistic and integrated model is needed which can address all these issues in a systematic way. The full AHEAD approach is a four year programme which achieves such a vision. 


We use Hygiene as an entry point into Water and Sanitation Programmes (SDG.6) leading on to Food and Nutrition Programmes (SDG 2) which resulted in improved health and prevention of most common diseases (SDG.3).

Good Health plus the ability to sustain well-being i.e. a mother who has the skills  to be self sufficient (SDG 8) which enables them to have control over their own bodies and lives (SDG.5) results in Poverty Alleviation (SDG.1.).