Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of the ways a community health club can come together with their community to raise funds for the construction of latrines.

How to use Rural Card set  11. ‘Self Supply of Latrines’ 


  1. Give out all the cards, ask participants to come to the front one at a time and say what is going on in their picture.
  2. Ask one participant to arrange the cards in a line to it follows a story.
  3. Discuss the story and see if such a situation would be possible in the community.
1. Women forming savings group
5. Buying cement for construction
9. Lining the pit
13. Paying back the loan
2. Woman getting a loan
6. Making the reinforcement for the slab
10. Putting up the vent pipe
14. Upgrading the VIP, cement roof
3. Husband and wife getting a pit dug
7. Making the cement slab
11. Plastering inside walls
4. Paying the builder
8. Building a temporary superstructure
12. Thatching the roof

Facilitator instructions for Self Supply of Latrines (Rural) in English:

Rural Self Supply of Latrines Facilitator Instructions