SA Water Management

Description of the Training

This topic provides 12 images of recommended water management practices.

How to use Card set  12. ‘Water Management’ 


  1. The group can use the cards as follows:
  • Open ended story: Each participant takes a card and explains what they see and what will happen as a result.
  • SWAG (Story With A Gap): Take two cards to show ‘Before’ and ‘After’ scenarios and explain what happened in between the two cards.
  • Make a full story: Select a series of cards to show a problem and how it was solved.

2.  Discuss how water can be more effectively delivered to the community by using existing sources.

3.  How can water be saves? How can communal facilities be kept operational?

4.  If the water is being wasted by leakages, vandalism or bad practice how can this be solved?

5.  How can the area be kept clean so that water is not contaminated below ground?

Roles and Responsibilities:

Who is responsible for water and are they doing a good job? If not, why? How can the CHC help improve service delivery?


Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic:

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