SA Water Collection and Storage

Description of the Training

This topic provides 20 illustrations of different types of ways to collect water and containers used to store drinking water typical of South Africa, with options of covered or uncovered containers. The cards are used to help prompt participants  to work out how drinking water should be collected and stored in order to prevent transmission of disease.

How to use Card set  9. ‘Water Collection and Storage’ 


  1. Divide participants into smaller groups of 10-16.
  2. Give out the set of picture cards to each group and ask each person to select one card each.
  3. Each participant should describe their card to their group.
  4. Each group should discuss all the cards and sort them into 3 piles according to how safe they are: SAFE, UNSAFE, NOT SURE.
  5. Once all groups have sorted their piles, each group should provide feedback to the entire room on their decisions and why. Encourage debates.
  6. At the end the whole group should decide on the best source of water and be best method of collection and storage for drinking water.


Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic:

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