SA Sanitation Management

Description of the Training

This topic provides 12 images of recommended Sanitation Management. It looks into ways in which public sanitation facilities can be misused and ways in which to rectify these issues.

How to use Card set  21. ‘Sanitation Management’ 


Each participant chooses a picture that shows a problem you have in your area. Alternatively as a group, participants can make a story with a few cards to show what happens and how these issues can be solved.

Discuss how water and sanitation can be improved by better management structures within the community. How will this be achieved?


Discuss who is responsible for different aspects of sanitation within your community.

If the toilets are in a bad state who should attend to them?

  • if they have been vandalised?
  • if they are dirty?
  • if they are blocked?
  • if they are locked?
  • if there has been a crime?


Link to the Facilitator Instructions for the topic:

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