SA Diarrhoea Transmission

Description of the Training

This topic provides 7 images showing the transmission of diarrhoea by 5 main routes known as the 5 ‘f’s’, namely, flies, faeces, fingers, food and fluid.  The cards are used to help explain this multi-route of transmission and helps to show how these 5 main routes can be blocked by good hygiene (hand washing with soap), safe water and sanitation and control of flies.

How to use Card set  4. ‘Diarrhoea Transmission’ 


  1. Select two participants to hold up the Faeces picture card and the Mouth picture card
  2. Explain that the transmission of faeces to the mouth is called the ‘faecal-oral route’
  3. Discuss how diarrhoea is transmitted into the stomach through the 5 main routes (5 F’s): Fingers, Flies, Fluid, Food, Fruit
  4. Find the corresponding picture cards for the 5 F’s. Ask for suggestions as to how each picture shows a way that germs can be spread from faeces to mouths.


Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic

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