SA Diarrhoea Through Food

Description of the Training

This topic provides 15 images of recommended food hygiene. The cards are used to help prompt participants to discuss some of the ways that people should keep their homes and kitchens clean, with the objective of understanding how flies need to be controlled.

How to use Card set  14. Diarrhoea Through Food’ 


  1. Ask the group to think of all the ways that food could be contaminated by faeces.
  2. Hand out the Transmission picture cards and ask each person to come to the front and explain their card.
  3. Now hand out the Recommended cards that show ways to Block The Route of diarrhoea transmission by contaminated food.
  4. Discuss if these recommendations are practical and get the group to pledge to change from now onwards.


Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic:

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