Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of how Diarrhoea can be transferred from flies to humans. This includes bad practices that increase human contact with flies and are transmission routes, and recommended good practices that limit human exposure to flies and decrease the chance of contracting diarrhoea (block the route).

How to use Card set  13. ‘Diarrhoea Through Flies’ 


  1. Ask the group to think of all the ways thats flies could enable the transmission of faeces to our mouths.
  2. Hand out the Transmission picture cards and ask each participant to come to the front and explain their card.
  3. Hand out the Recommended Practice picture cards that show ways to ‘Block the Route’ of the transmission of diarrhoea by flies.


Link to the Facilitator instructions for the topic:

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1. Transmission: Remains of food left out
4. Transmission: Open defecation
7. Recommended: Putting rubbish in a bag, and the bag in a bin
10. Recommended: Covering food
13. Recommended: Throwing leftover food in a bin
2. Transmission: Rubbish dumped in the open
5. Transmission: Unclean toilets
8. Recommended: Putting leftover food in a cupboard where flies cannot reach
11. Recommended: Covering food with cloth
14. Recommended: Cleaning toilets regularly
3. Transmission: Rubbish bags left out and opened by animals
6. Transmission: Selling uncovered food
9. Recommended: Throwing Rubbish bag into a fenced off area that animals cannot reach
12. Recommended: Selling/buying freshly cooked food