Protected family wells in Zimbabwe

Africa AHEAD in collaboration with SKAT Foundation of Switzerland  (funded by Drink & Donate) have been supporting the Environmental Health Department of the MoHCC in Zimbabwe to run CHCs in Makoni District. The project provided water quality management and trained water point masons and artisans to enable the protection of family wells. In total during 2019, there were 80 households with  2,698 men, women and children who benefitted from safe drinking water.

The  Moyo family were one of the families identified by the Community Health Club to benefit from this project. Jane Moyo is a member of Kubatana Community Health Club in Muchinjiko Village of Makoni. Her family with another 5 households  were taking  water from an unprotected hand dug well using a rope and a bucket which introduces bacteria into the well. They used an old car tyre to protect the well  and as the well had no cover it was  open to fecal contamination. When the water was tested it was found to be unsafe for human consumption with 4 faecal coliforms per 100mls of water,  making it  high risk for  the spread diarrhoeal disease including cholera. Under this project, the well was protected with a cement cover and the water was treated to make it suitable for human consumption.