Description of the Training

This topic provides 16 images of recommended good hygiene.The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways that mothers can wean their infants, with the objective of learning how to ensure infant survival.

How to use Card set  7a. ‘Infant Care: Weaning’ 

This set can be used in three ways:

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes what she thinks is right or wrong with the person
  2. They can be sorted into three groups of good, average and bad practices
  3.  The cards can be used to block the route of a  disease by showing a disease from 2.a  and then asking them to select a card which could prevent this disease from Card set 3.

Link to Facilitator Instructions for Infant Care: Weaning

Click Here for Facilitator Instructions (English)


  1. Prepare for delivery
  2. No home delivery
  3. Deliver baby at clinic
  4. Immediate breastfeeding
  5. Support from father
  6. Keep babies nappy clean
  7. Keep baby washed
  8. Keep baby warm
  9. Wash breast before feeding
  10. Exclusive breastfeeding
  11. Supplementary feeding
  12. Nutritious weaning foods
  13. Monthly growth monitoring
  14. Take sick baby to clinic
  15. Give polio immunisation
  16. Ensure all vaccines are taken

For a full information on infant care click the following link

Child and Adolescent Care for Community Health Workers