Good Health and Well being

Women in Community Health Clubs can control a number of life threatening diseases by their own good hygiene, including diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera, Covid 19, Acute respiratory diseases, malaria, bilharzia, worms and skin disease.

Every health session which is attended in a Health club requires members to undertake practical action in the home to improve facilities in order to prevent disease.

These include:

Hand washing facilities (Tippy taps) outside a latrine and near the kitchen

Use of soap for handwashing

A functional VIP Latrine in the compound to decrease flies

Zero open defecation around the compound

A pot rack to keep utensils clean and and sun dried

Management of waste with recycling and compost making

Use of insecticide treated  mosquito net for the whole family

Balanced diet for children

Clean bedding and no sharing of clothes

Safe water source and clean water storage

No sharing of plates or cups.

A model kitchen with fuel efficient stove