Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of recommended good hygiene.The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways to block the route of intestinal parasites, with the objective of understanding how parasitic worms negatively affect our health.

How to use Card sets  17a&b. ‘Roundworms’ & ‘Threadworms’


  1. Explain the transmission route of the parasite.
  2. Hand our the Transmission picture cards and ask each participant to come to the front and explain their card.
  3. Now hand out the Recommended picture cards that show ways to ‘Block the Route’ of the Transmission cards.
  4. Discuss how worms can be prevented.
  5. Make a plan to de-worm your children.


1. Transmission: Tired child at school desk
4. Threadworms
7. Transmission: Child near faeces on ground
10. Transmission: Picking fruit
13. Recommended: Cutting fingernails
2. Recommended: A healthy child without worms
5. Transmission: A child scratching bottom
8. Recommended: Sweeping the Yard
11. Recommended: Washing uncooked food
3. Roundworms
6. Transmission: A child defecating
9. Transmission: Defecating near fruit on ground
12. Recommended: Taking Medicine