Description of the Training

This topic provides 11 images of how eating fruits can lead to Diarrhoea, and ways to prevent this through cleaning fruits, washing hands etc.

How to use Card set  15. ‘Diarrhoea Through Fruit’ 


  1. Hand out the Transmission picture cards and ask participants to come to the front and explain their card to the group.
  2. Ask participants to arrange the cards to make a story. They need notes all the cards at once.
  3. Now hand out the Recommended cards that show ways of ‘Blocking the Route’ of transmission of diarrhoea from fruit.


Link to the Facilitator Instructions for the topic:

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1. Fruit
4. Transmission: Man Buying Fruit from Unhygienic Vender
7. Transmission: Throwing fruit waste out in the open
10. Recommended: Cooking fruit/veg before eating
2. Transmission: Defecation near fruit tree
5. Transmission: Man Eating Fruit Unwashed
8. Recommended: Man Peeling Fruit
11. Recommended: Washing hands with soap and water after touching dirty fruit
3. Transmission: Women Sore Stomach
6. Transmission: Man Vomiting
9. Recommended: Woman washing fruit