Intestinal Parasites

Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of recommended good hygiene.The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways to block the route of intestinal parasites, with the objective of understanding how parasitic worms negatively affect our health.

How to use Card set  8. ‘Intestinal Parasites’ 

This set can be used to do ‘Blocking the Route’ activity:

  1. A participant holds up the card to the audience and describes what she thinks is right or wrong with the person.
  2. The cards are then used to block the route of disease transmission by showing a card which indicates a way that worms are transmitted and then asking them to select a card which could prevent this transmission.

NB. Cards showing good practice from other sets can also be used to prevent worm transmission. See fir example cards from 3. Personal Hygiene, 4. Hand Washing, 5. Skin Diseases and 6. Diarrhoea.

Link to Facilitator Instructions for Intestinal Parasites:

Click Here for Facilitator Instructions (English)


  1. Roundworms
  2. Threadworms
  3. Tapeworms
  4. Hookworms
  5. Distended stomach from worms
  6. Itchy anus from worms
  7. Worm eggs in dog faeces
  8. Dirty fingers in mouth (bad)
  9. Sweeping up faeces (good)
  10. Dog licking child’s face (bad)
  11. Dog licking plates (bad)
  12. Child with no shoes in latrine (bad)
  13. Child putting on shoes (good)
  14. Taking worm medicine (good)