Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of recommended good home hygiene practices. The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways that people should keep themselves and their homes clean, with the objective of understanding that many diseases can be prevented by good home hygiene.

How to use Rural Card set  4. ‘Home Hygiene’ 

  1. Using the ‘Last One Standing’ Method, ask everyone to stand
  2. Hold up each of the cards in turn and ask, “Who does this?”
  3. Those who do NOT do the good practice on the card sit down
  4. Those who remain standing are congratulated for doing those good practices.
  5. Count how many claim they are doing all the good practices
  6. Discuss each picture and how it can be achieved
  7. Repeat the exercise next week and see how many more people are left standing


1. Washing up the dishes
5. Dispose of rubbish in a pit and burn it
9. Make sure drinking water is covered
13. Boil more drinking water if necessary
2. Cleaning work surface and cooking utensils
6. Pour the ash down the latrine
1.a.9.Tippy Tap with soap
14. Wash all bedding and put out to air
3. Putting away all left over food where flies cannot access it
7. Sweep the compound
11. Clean toilet with disinfectant
4. Throwing away rubbish in a covered bin
8. Collect clean drinking water
12. Make sure the squat hole is completely covered

Facilitator instructions for Home Hygiene (Rural) in English:

Rural Home Hygiene Facilitator Instructions