Description of the Training

This topic provides 16 images of ‘Blocking the Route’ for bilharzia. The cards are used to help prompt participants  to discuss some of the ways that people can prevent bilharzia and encourage those infected to take the cure.

How to use Card set  19. ‘Bilharzia’ 

  1. Hand out the Life Cycle cards and allow each participant to describe what they see on their card.
  2. Explain carefully how transmission takes place before handing out the Transmission cards, ask each participant with one of these cards to stand infront of the Life Cycle card that shows how bilharzia is spread in that life cycle stage.
  3. Hand out the Prevention cards, ask the participants who receive these to stand infant of the card showing the transmission practice that is blocked by their prevention card.
  4. Those with Prevention cards remain in front to take part in the Priority Line Up activity. Summarise the different ways in which bilharzia can be prevented.
  5. Hold all the cards up in a row and ask participants to sort them into a line showing the easiest to most difficult practice to change.

Link to Facilitator Instructions for Bilharzia:

Click Here for Facilitator Instructions (English)


  1. Worms in the intestine
  2. Eggs laid in faeces
  3. Eggs and faeces washed into river
  4. Eggs hatch into cillae
  5. Worms burrow into feet
  6. Person defecating in river bed
  7. Person urinating near river
  8. Person standing in the river
  9. Women washing clothes in river
  10. Women washing plates in river
  11. A toiler near the house
  12. A man burying his faeces
  13. A man spraying a river
  14. Women using a hand pump
  15. A boy washing at home
  16. A girl washing plates at home