About Us

About Us

we are a group of community workers, practitioners and academics working at the sharp end  of development, based mainly in Africa, wanting to make a permanent difference to the lives of those left behind in our countries.

What We're All About

"Hygiene behaviour change for Life."

We provide practical training on-line for those wanting long term holistic training for rural and urgan communities through Community Health Clubs. 

The Challenge for Africa 

In trying to explain my work and my philosophy in the wake of being awarded the Nobel  Prize, I was reminded of the traditional African stool, which is comprised of a seat and three legs. The first leg represents democratic space, where rights – whether human, women’s, children’s or environmental …are respected. The second leg symbolises the sustainable and accountable management of natural resources both for those living today and for those in the future, in a manner that is just and fair, including for people on the margins of society. The third leg stands for what I term ‘cultures of peace.’ These take the form of fairness, respect, compassion, forgiveness, recompense and justice. Just as the African stool is made of a single block of wood, each leg or pillar is reinforced by the others and form from the same grain, so issues must be addressed together and simultaneously.

The three legs of the stool support the seat, which represents the milieu in which development can take place. Citizens feeling secure that the three legs are in place… can be educated, productive and creative. In this situation, the spirit of citizenry not  only welcomes development, but drives it itself, because individually and collectively the people feel they have an opportunity to contribute…

Wangari Maathai
Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Community Health Clubs are like a
three legged stool enabling a
Culture of Health
and Prosperity
for all