CHC trainers graduate in Cape Town

June, 2010

The City of Cape Town requested that Africa AHEAD to provide another Community Health Club (CHC) training for the City’s Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) and Community Workers (CWs).

Africa AHEAD providde training in the AHEAD methodology for 20 CWs and 16 EHPs over the course of 7 days in April 2010. Upon completion of the sessions, each CW is to  start a new health club in the informal settlements of Cape Town, bringing the total number of CHCs in the city to over 150.

The training was  held at Look Out Hill in Khayelitsha, facilitated by Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn (Africa AHEAD Director), Jason Rosenfeld (Africa AHEAD Project Manager), and Nancy Maksimoski (Africa AHEAD Project Manager), assisted by Charlotte Adams and Joyce Cwayi from Imbasa.

A graduation ceremony arranged by the Health Department was subsequently held on the 3rd June 2010 for all those who had been trained.