Description of the Training

This topic provides 14 images of ‘Blocking the Route’ practice for Malaria. The cards are used to help prompt participants to discuss some of the ways in which people can prevent malaria.

How to use Card set  18. ‘Malaria’ 

This set can be used in three ways:

  1. Using the appropriate Transmission cards, ask participants to come up and hold the cards in the right order to show the process of malaria transmission.
  2. Hand out the Blocking cards and ask participants to discuss ways to block mosquitoes from breeding and infecting people.
  3. Ask those holding the Blocking cards to  come up and stand infant of the participant with the appropriate Transmission card- showing how their card will prevent that stage in the mosquito’s life cycle.

Link to Facilitator Instructions for Malaria:

Click Here for Facilitator Instructions (English)




  1. Mosquito lays eggs in stagnant water that hatch into larvae
  2. Pupae and adult mosquito
  3. Rain collecting in tins and holes forming stagnant water
  4. Mosquito bites someone with malaria
  5. Mosquito bites and uninfected person
  6. Person gets sick with malaria


  1. Empty tins and fill potholes that can fill with water
  2. Pour old oil on standing water
  3. Mosquito net on windows and spray room
  4. Burn coil or cow dung, buy insecticide spray
  5. Cut grass around home
  6. Sleep under mosquito net
  7. Cover body well if outdoors at night
  8. Take prophylactic