Hygiene Promotion in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe: New Approaches to Behavior Change

Sidibe, M. & Curtis, V. (2002). Hygiene promotion in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe: New approaches to behaviour change. Blue-Gold Field Note, Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)-Africa Region, World Bank.

Summary: After years of debate, most people working in water and sanitation now agree that hygiene promotion is vitally important. But even now, many programmes and projects either ignore it or do it badly. This Field Note describes two African hygiene promotion programmes that have successfully used new approaches: Programme Saniya in Burkina Faso, and ZimAHEAD in Zimbabwe. They both concentrated on understanding how people actually behave and hence how to change that behaviour, and they both demonstrated ideas that can be applied at a larger scale. Changing human hygiene behaviour is a long process that is difficult to measure, and both of these programmes still have obstacles to overcome. However, this work indicates that systematic and carefully managed hygiene promotion programmes can achieve improvements in hygiene behaviour and hence reduction in diarrhoeal diseases.

For full article in pdf, click here: Hygiene Promotion in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe: New Approaches to Behaviour Change