Global Health Connection CHC in Kenya

Global Health Connections attended all four modules of our first Zoom training (Oct 2020 – Feb, 2021) and we are delighted to see how they have been able to immediately put their training into practice, as well as rapidly complete  a base line survey and produce visual summaries of the situation in their CHC village,  ahead of the implementation of the training in Mokuba village. 

Their Project Officer Christine Nyboke files the following report and photos. 2/4/2021

‘Global Health Connections started it’s first CHC in December 2020 in Kisii District, Kenya. We met with the village administrative leaders with the chief and village elders arranging a meeting. We  explained what we wanted to do in the community, and we were allowed into the village and the chief agreed to arrange for us to meet with the community members. We had our introduction meeting with the community members and at this point they chose their leader (of the CHC) which was a smooth exercise. We visited the nearest health facility and got data of the top 10 diseases that were affecting their community.

We started our household survey on February 9th 2021 and managed to survey 144 households. The community members were so welcoming when we went out to their houses to collect the data. The administration also helped us so much because when it came to the part of collecting the data we didn’t look like strangers to the community members. The leaders were also helpful because they helped us moving from one household to another.

After the survey we started our weekly meetings and the turnout was wonderful. The community members got their membership cards and this even motivated them to attend the sessions. We are at our 6th training with the community and some members have started doing the required homework after every training.  It’s impressive how the club members own  the club and their weekly turn also shows that this club is something they are liking.’