Gikuriro Integrating Nutrition and WASH 2016-2020

Gikuriro is a USAID funded program on integrated Nutrition and
WASH and being implemented by CRS in a consortium with SNV for
the period 2016-2020. The WASH component of the program focuses
on the implementation of CBEHPP in eight districts (Kayonza,
Kicukiro, Ngoma, Nyabihu, Nyanza, Nyarugenge, Ruhango and

A baseline study for Gikuriro program was conducted in October 2016
and the presentation intended to share with the participants the
status on WASH indicators for Gikuriro districts. For the baseline data
was collected in 6 districts because two other organisations (FXB and
Caritas) also funded by USAID are conducting the same study in the
remaining two districts.

Data was collected in 2,592 households with79% response rate. The
results show that 50%of respondents don’t know about Community
Health Clubs (CHCs) in their village. Only 14% of respondents
knowing about CHC in their village actually participate in CHC
Page 7 of 17 activities. People mentioned that CHC may be initiated but not
functioning due to lack of supervision.
Respondents preferred time for listening to radio is evening, while
their main source of WASH messages are: Umuganda, local leaders
and radio.

Only 25% of households have a handwashing facility located 5m from
the toilet. When asked why respondents are not washing their hands,
the reasons mentioned are: cannot afford soap, lack of water and no
handwashing facility.40% of households take 5mn to 30mn for water
fetching in a round trip. The common water treatment method
mentioned is for 90% boiling.
Access to improved unshared sanitation facilities is recorded at 52%.
The toilets are found in households but they are not improved as
expected. In the 2 weeks preceding the survey, 22% of children aged
under 5 years had diarrhoea. This was higher than the national
diarrhoea prevalence rate of 12%.

The study recommended the use of radio for education on WASH and
hygiene practices, promotion of Behaviour Change Communication
(BCC) among health services providers, motivation of CHC members
to be active and refine CHC monitoring system.