THE ARC ( AHEAD Resource Centre)


Our Executive Director  Regis Matimati, has given his own land to start a Community Resource Centre in Zimbabwe.

The  Resource Centre is only two hours form the Capital city, Harare at Headlands.

Africa AHEAD aims to have a permenant centre of excellence where we can train the commuinity in the many skills we have been using in the Community for the past 30 years.

During this time we have started over 3,000 Community Health Clubs who have been growing produce and making items for sale, but have never had a  platform to market their produce.

At the ARC  we can  market produce, and provide training all year round in a continuous programme which does not depend on donor funding.

The funds raised from sale of produce and training at the ARC will be used to employ our loyal staff on a full time basis, so ensuring that the organisation is Sustainable and not reliant on donation in the future for core funding. 

Help us raise funds to get this started.

In 2020  we plan to put  in irrigation  to enable year round growing of crops.

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